CM-21 Vibrometer

CM-21 Vibrometer
CM-21 Vibrometer
CM-21 Vibrometer
Vibrometer CM-21 is an ideal tool for the machine operator or mechanic. It is pocket size device that combines reliability easy-use and wide range of functions.

It is used to measure high and low frequency vibration, bearing condition, temperature, rotation speed as well as for audio monitoring of vibration signals. The main application is condition monitoring and bearing condition assessment.
Portable instruments
Vibration measurement, monitoring
0,3 kg
Ex, IP65
Number of channels
Working time
10 hours

  • The CM-21 is used to measure RMS, Peak, Peak-Peak, Peak-factor of:
    • Acceleration
    • Velocity
    • Displacement
    The frequency bands include ISO standard (2…1000Hz, 10…1000Hz, 10…2000Hz) and a wide range of additional low- and high-frequency band pass filters

  • Additional functions include
    • Rotation speed measurements
    • Temperature measurements
    • Audio monitoring of the vibration signal

  • Alarm levels van be set for each vibration measurement. It allows detection of the alarm state of equipment during measurements.

  • The VibroLevel softare is supplied with the CM-21. It allows
    • Configuration of database and save the history of measurements for trending and analysis
    • Setup route maps for measurements, load and unload them to the CM-21
    • Setting alarm alarm levels individually for each point
    • Reports are exported in the MS Excell files.

Vibrometer, pyrometer, tachometer, stethoscope, data collector

Measures: acceleration, velocity, displacement
Frequency range: 2…25 000 Hz
Detector: RMS, Peak, Peak-Peak, Peak-factor

Measuremnt range: -40…+350 C
Resolution: 0,1 C

Measurement range: 2…650 Hz (120…39 000 RPM)

Weight: 315 gr
Size: 86х138х26 mm
Protection: Ex, IP65
Operation temperature: -20…+50 C
Operation time from batteries: 8 hours, not less
Memory: 12 000 measurements

Software included

Advance set includes:

CM-21 display module
Accelerometer with integrated cable
Magnet for accelerometer
Manual probe
Tacho probe
Cable for tacho
Flash card with software
Interface cable
Protection case
Vibro level software

*Set may differ depending on the customer request.